Continuous improvement with DigiLEAN

Visual management with Digital whiteboards.
Capture ideas. A3 problemsolving. Take action. Built for LEAN.

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All improvement work in one place.

Easy to find. Easy to use. Personalized for every user.

Efficient team tool

Collaborative tool that provide overview and systematic flow. Excellent for collaboration across locations.

integrate with your business systems

Make the best descisions based on up to date and understandable visualization of data.



Through its cloud based platform DigiLEAN is accessible on any device, wherever you are. Your improvement work will be available whether you work on your computer, or your iPad traveling. Every update is instantly synchronized across the application and for every user who it may consern. This is a collaboration feature optimized for distributed teams.

"Easy for many users to work on the same time, stable system. Good potential to track deliveries and communicate challenges across a team when actions are shared on boards."

  • Astrid Aadnøy , Apply

User Engagement

User experience refers to a person’s emotions using a particular product. This includes ease of use, practical, efficient, meaningful and valuable. These key points have been taken seriously when designing DigiLEAN. It should be easy and fun to use. Drag-and-drop is one of the feature, easy search and navigation are another aspect. The individual has power and ability to make a difference. In addition, the user interface is personalized helping the user to effectively sort information that is relevant.

"Easy to use, good visual overview and logic setup"

  • Apply

Create your own Digital Board

With you can focus on effectively delivering value to your Customer and continuously improve any process. We strive to give you the best tool to improve tomorrow.


Best Result

DigiLEAN is designed to engage the user and making everyone involved in making improvements

Holistic Improvement System

No other system has similar features as provided by DigiLEAN, making this a unique Holistic Improvement System

Understand your data

Visualization of data using colors and graphs

Make it your own

You decide what information should be visible and how it should be presented

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It's Time to step up your improvement work

Put your lean tool in your pocket. It has never been easier to include all employees by using the DigiLEAN app.