Frequently Asked Questions

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Getting Started

A digitial plattform to support your lean and business processes.

We would love to book a meeting to demonstrate DigiEAN but also to better know your needs. We value knowing our customer and to offer the best package fit for our customers need.

Companies with high focus on continuous improvement. They may be in the early phase of adopting the lean philosophy or experienced and want to take the next step.

As soon as you are registered as a customer, you can start using DigiLEAN and get all its benefits immediately.

DigiLEAN is a web based system. It can be assessed using a browser. All modern browsers and Internet Explorer 11 are supported. In addition a native app for IPhone and Android are available.

Please contact us and we will give you the best possible help to use DigiLEAN to your fullest.

Security & Integrations

DigiLEAN is a platform built and hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Azure is a trusted and secure cloud platform that meets the most comprehensive security, privacy and regulatory standards. All traffic is encrypted through SSL. The Oauth2 standard is used for authentication.

Your information is stored at least daily to ensure a restore the Hosted Services to the state they were in the time the back-up was taken.

By using our Excel formatting you may load data into DigiLEAN without any customizations. The data will ble immediately available as data source for several visualization components.

There are no technically limitations. As long as the source system can provide us with data the data can be imported to DigiLEAN.

Pricing & License

We offer both monthly and yearly subscriptions. The yearly subscription gives you a discount and you pay for one year upfront. You pay per users and module plan.

Of cource! Our basic plan include up to 5 users, but it is easy to include more user when or if needed.

No, you may create as many as needed.

No, the licence pricing is the same. You edcide with users should be administrators in DigiLEAN.