DigiLEAN.tools Features

DigiLEAN consist of 6 different modules: Boards, Project, Improvement, Incidents, A3 and, Learning. These modules are correlated and makes the workflow one of a kind. Use the modules that suits your need.


Digital whiteboards

Collaborative tool that provide overview and systematic workflow. Excellent for collaboration across locations. Displays all relevant KPI's and team tasks. A flexible control panel with components of your choice.



Visual project management

Automatically collect all relevant project information such as boards, A3, messages. Automatically status overview of tasks, improvements and incident associated to the project. You have the flexibility to monitor the parameters relevant for your projects and compare tham to other projects in the same project portfolio.



Capture your best ideas

Complete improvement module with overview, simple sorting and prioritization mechanism. Integrated with the other modules. You may execute the suggestion in team table module, make further planning through plan or problem solving in the A3 module. Status overview with statistics, and advances search functionality.



Report unwanted incidents and improve

Register incidents, process incidents with corrective actions and provide updated overviews of various discrepancies. The reports have great value for both the company's internal quality processes and the supervisory authorities.



Flexible problem solving

Structured and co-operative problem solving method. Create your own A3s and maintain full control of your improvement process.



Become a learning organization

Access to learning material from lean guru Bjarne Berg Wig, how to get your full potential in DigiLEAN and published learning materials from other DigiLEAN users. Interactive content and collaboration.