Too Much On Your Plate?


Is your workday schedule more than packed? Have you been overwhelmed with all the things you have to do?

Here are six strategies to help.

  1. Define your vision and your goals. What are you ment to do and achieve?
  2. Time Critical. Do you have to do it right away? Do you want to prioritize this over something else on your list? What are you giving away if you make this choice?
  3. Break it down. Is the task to big to grasp? Break it down to smaller parts. How do these task relate to your goals? Can you simplify the problem and eliminate unnecessary elements?
  4. Organize. The urgent and prioritized task will be on you todo list today. The other prioritized tasks should be organized so it is easy to find and take action later.
  5. Delegate. If there are someone else that can help you, delegate these tasks.
  6. Act and reward. Remove distractions and get going. Do not forget to celebrate when the job is done.
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